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We aim to make booking entertainment for your event an easy and exciting experience. Below is an outline of the technical requirements, and answers to FAQ's regarding the different

types of entertainment we provide. If you can't find the information you need here,

please Contact Us - we are always happy to help.


Whether on the ground or on stilts, performers will require access to a clean secure room. This is for changing and to leave personal items while working. It also provides an area away from the public so that they can rest properly between sets. They will also need convenient access to toilet facilities. While non-alcoholic refreshments are greatly appreciated, still drinking water is usually all that is required.

Please bear in mind that for stiltwalkers some stairs and lifts are possible, though not desirable. It is important for them to rest inbetween sets so the closer the changing room is to the performance area the better.

Take a look at the Gallery for a small selection of the characters on offer.


Aerial is very physically demanding. Because of this, in addition to the facilities and refreshements outlined for walkabout artists, aerialists will need the changing room to be warm and to have sufficient space to stretch in.

We have a comprehensive document outlining all of the technical requirements for aerial work and offer many different rigging solutions for all kinds of venues.

If you are interested in aerial for your next event please Contact Us 

to make it happen.


Safety is our first priority when it comes to fire performance, we only use professional, insured artists. Who, using the highest quality equipment, make what appears to be very dangerous actually very safe. All equipment is checked before and after every use and we provide all the nesassary safety equipment. In addition to the facilities outlined for walkabout performers, fire artists will need an outside area to fuel their props. We offer a huge range of fire performance suitable for many different venues and will tailor what we do to your event.  

For information about space requirements and the different types of acts available including glow and LED alternatives please Contact Us

For more details about rigging, space and other requirements, you can view or download our spec sheet here


Please Contact Us for risk assessments, to arrange a site visit or for any further information you may require