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Haylee-mai has a unique skillset bringing the joy and beauty of movement to the stage and she has been on that stage from a very young age!!

Haylee trained in ballet, jazz and tap dance before discovering the

love of her life; circus. After learning the aerial arts,

trapeze, hoop, rope and silks, the school was so impressed with her

that she went on to teach there for four years. It was during this time that Haylee mastered stiltwalking and became an exellent walkabout artist, human statue

and bodypaint model.

Haylee loves to dance with fire too, combining rhythm, flames, hula hoop,

fans and poi.

Haylee is a professional artist who teaches and performs internationally and

she will be amazing on your stage.

Charlie Burns

As the son of a clown, Charlie has been making audiences laugh for as long as he can remember and working professionally since he left school.

Charlie learnt to stiltwalk, eat, breath and spin fire before training in aerial and physical theatre.

Over the years Charlie has picked up more skills from bed of nails, balloon modeling to bullwhip and many more besides.

Charlie loves to perform weather it be walkabout, busking, on stage or presenting fireshows, its all about bringing joy and wowing crowds.

As a professional performer for hire Charlie has worked and taught all over the world and would love to bring some sunshine to your next event.

Check out our Gallery page for images and video of what we of what we can do for you.

We work closely with other artists making group Aerial acts, Walkabouts and Fire shows available to you.

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